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In a time where music culture focuses on fantasized realities, HAWDWERK shares his
personal outlook, which runs parallel to people’s everyday lives. “Indeed” is viewing life without filters or touch-ups and finding beauty when it seems there is none.


[verse 1]

10 karats better than no karats, INDEED!/
a small check is better than no check, INDEED!/
average credit's better than no credit, INDEED!/
and life is much better with no debt, INDEED!/
a low bet is better than no bet, INDEED!/
you gotta get your cash how you gon' get, INDEED!/
need my money up front nigga no less, INDEED!/
I aint gotta hit the trunk to hit your chest, INDEED!/
your life is much safer in yo' check, INDEED!/
all the niggas round me is go getta's, INDEED!/
only roll loud nigga no stress, INDEED!/
already got my own don't need yo' stress, INDEED!/
suburban nigga, not from the pro-jects, INDEED!/
can't nothin' slow me down from my pro-gress, INDEED!/
rock a gold casio like a rolex, INDEED!/
if you can't stand for somethin' then protest, INDEED!/
can't nobody help you with yo' mess, INDEED!/
if they got the shot first then go next, INDEED!/
always give a hunnid and no less, INDEED!/
and when they ask does he go, say oh yes - INDEED!/


Indeed! (repeats 6x)
Yes Indeed (repeats 2x)

[verse 2]

I'm in the streets everyday like I can't stop, INDEED!/
so I can keep a stack in the cash box, INDEED!/
pricin' out the things that I can't cop, INDEED!/
so I can come back when I've stacked up, INDEED!/
lend a hand when asked for backup, INDEED!/
if you're knocked down always get back up, INDEED!/
I don't see myself in a 'lac truck, INDEED!/
but I need that 750 the black one, INDEED!/
sometimes I'm nice sometimes I'm an asshole, INDEED!/
but everybody gets what they ask fo', INDEED!/
I don't walk around with my pants low, INDEED!/
and me and bae stay puffin like afro's, INDEED!/
always been ahead of the class though, INDEED!/
cause I knew that I'd get the last joke, INDEED!/
so if you're comin' for me think fast bro, INDEED!/
and don't forget to make it look natural, INDEED!/


ha ha

so the next time somebody asks you,
you really think you the shit?... you really think you that nigga?
look em in the eyes, give em the biggest smile you can, and tell 'em..





released November 16, 2016
written and performed by HAWDWERK (Jamil Elliott Potts)
music produced by Mr. Orange (Jeremy Uribe)
mixed and mastered by CL McCoy
recorded at The Werkshop
cover art direction by HAWDWERK



all rights reserved


HAWDWERK West Covina, California

creating suburban rap medleys, based on life experiences.

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